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Why use Artemist?

We at Artemist provide high quality professional carpet & upholstery cleaning services to ensure that your floor & furniture coverings are restored & cleaned to an exceptionally high standard.

Our professional cleaning services cover a variety of different methods to clean your carpets & upholstery with truly amazing results. Using only quality chemicals supplied by the proven industry renowned Prochem the leading name in carpet cleaning chemicals, cleaning methods & cleaning solutions.

We are fully insured, experienced, properly trained, certificated & registered with the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaning Association) and a listed Local Trusted Cleaner.

Our guarantee is that we will not rush away until your floors, carpets or soft furnishings are spotlessly clean, fresh & hygienic. You will be completely happy with the results when the job is complete.

Sorry now closed due to retirement. Please contact the NCCA should you require a Trusted Local Carpet Cleaner.

“Would like to thank Nick Salter (Artemist Ltd) for the fantastic carpet cleaning service he offered. Nick was not only professional in his approach but worked extremely hard on my carpets which have taken quite a beating over the years!! The end result was fresh clean carpets throughout, making my house look and smell so much better. Highly recommend Artemist Ltd to everyone. Excellent job! Thorough and professional!”
Kelly Walston

“I would like to thank Nick for doing such a fabulous clean on my cream carpets. There were quite a few marks and stains on the carpets which Nick managed to remove, amazing. He is very thorough and professional. My carpets now look as good as new, you wouldn’t know they are 10 years old! I can’t recommend this man enough, so if you need carpets cleaning, Nick is the man for the job!”

Sally Robinson

“Nick did an awesome carpet cleaning job at my home. Great tools and expert knowledge when it came to cleaning my carpets, would highly recommend, very friendly honest chap.

Thanks again Nick!”

Matt Plumley

“Nick worked really  hard on my carpets, I was very pleased how they looked when he was finished. They hadn’t been cleaned before and are now 4 years old. He removed some make up spills that I thought were there forever! Very professional service, I would use Artemist again!”

Lacy C

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

We can keep your Domestic & Commercial carpets & soft furnishings in their best condition and appearance, leaving them hygienically clean & free from dirt, bacteria & odours. We can even apply Prochem's Fluoroseal to the upholstery fabric so spills can be blotted up quickly helping prevent staining.


Stain Removal

Stain Removal is separate service from “having the carpet cleaned” and can be labour intensive to remove a stubborn locked in stain. For general marks and living stains we use high quality pre-spotting and stain lifting solutions as part of our carpet cleaning technique and are included in our price and would be applied prior to cleaning the carpet as part of our cleaning service.



As a previous customer of Artemist Ltd we offer a 24 hour emergency service should you encounter an accident minor flood or spill that requires attention before it the stain marks your freshly cleaned carpet. Call us immediately on 07732 405 187 and we will get to you as soon a possible .