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About Artemist

I have heavily invested into Artemist Ltd and before launching the company seeking out and undergoing the very latest up to date training at Prochem‘s own training academy.

PROCHEM are the leading name in carpet and upholstery cleaning. They are an established company with trusted, tried tested and proven cleaning systems, machines and methods for cleaning carpets, soft furnishings and hard floors. Prochem and the NCCA offer full technical support also advice on all their chemicals and products.

All the chemicals we use are Supplied by PROCHEM via JMS Janitorial Supplies LTD

I have obtained Membership into the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaning Association) working to and above their standards set to the industry and working towards the WOOL SAFE registration .

Nick Salter – Managing Director

A bit About Me

I stem from an amazing full career, starting off with an apprenticeship in Citroen cars.
Full term served apprenticeship, I went to the aid of and worked for a friend’s father’s cleaning business, part owned by an air conditioning company. it was here I learned window, carpet and hard floor cleaning in Fire stations and other corporate buildings and Blue Chip company offices, also working within hotels, retail outlets and residential premises.

It was here I had the dream to one day to start my own carpet cleaning business.

My work also included industrial Cleaning and sanitation of air conditioning systems and cooling towers. learning water quality and management of cooling systems and water treatments. Even cooling tower replacement converting to air cooled systems. Working alongside heavy plant, cranes and machinery and even working from elevated platforms. With my mechanical knowledge, I moved full time into the air conditioning/refrigeration industry as a mobile engineer with work including air conditioning Installations, service and maintenance gaining industry training and gas handling certificates. I had a full career across the south of England in this industry for many years then took up a position looking after the air conditioning and plant within the New British Library for nearly 3 years then after returning back to mobile work for a couple of years

My career changed after I received 2 parking tickets and a tow away notice due to a broken covered ticket machine (I used another closer machine and had valid time on it) in the same week while unloading tools and equipment from my van outside for an office and a Building Society in the heart of London. I decided there and then It was time for me to get off the road, with a change in career to Building Maintenance.

What a wise move it proved to be. I was offered a newly built building in Reigate as a static Maintenance Engineer and I loved it and still do. I was given the chance to use all my skills and knowledge in one place looking after just one building. With a phenomenal level of trust and friendship in all the departments right up to the very top level. Here i gained my 16th edition electrical City & Guilds. I had the opportunity to work with truly nice people and to watch a new company successfully grow over many years. I will miss them all.

This has left me at the pinnacle of my career in Building Maintenance and my work there is done. Another career change of direction

I feel now is the right time for Artemist Ltd to be born.

Why did I choose carpet cleaning? Please take a look at our before & after pictures. For the amazing job satisfaction in this line of work, the pictures speak for themselves.