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Health and Hygiene

Prochem manufacture chemicals that are child and pet safe but please let us know if you have any allergies so that we know not to use chemicals that could possibly irritate or aggravate a condition. Instead we then use the Prochem natural range of cleaning products.

Please do not be shy or embarrassed to talk to us, we are there to deal with it, let us know what the stains are so we can deal with them properly and effectively and if we also need to add the appropriate sanitizer and de-odourisers before starting the clean.

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Warning – Cleaned damp carpets and stairs are very slippery! Please use extra care when walking up and down the stairs or onto hard floors off a freshly cleaned carpet

We maintain our machines so that they are running fresh, clean and hygienic, AT ALL TIMES.

With my knowledge and training in water quality and management in commercial premises and the control of airborne germs and viruses my machines are always cleaned and sanitized during and after each job undertaken. Time is then allowed to clean down the machines ready for the next task.

Every job we will add sanitizers at no charge to the customer to help maintain the machines so that they are running clean, fresh and healthy.

We are always ensuring that we are providing the most beneficial, economical & environmentally friendly service.


We have Full Public Liability and Public Indemnity policies in place. We are also registered and working to & above the standards set by the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaning Association) & working towards the Wool-Safe registration association, both are examination pass entry industry recognised associations that let you know we are checked, fully insured & know what we are doing. Plus we are who we say we are for further peace of mind.

We are fully trained professional technicians and are paid a living wage with workplace pensions, we pay tax and insurance. We use high quality chemicals and machines and have vehicle running costs to also take into consideration. We keep our overheads as low as possible to try and keep our charges to a minimum.

We would be weary of very low priced companies and the quality of their work and the cleaning chemicals they are using, also working to below minimum wages. Why would they in a specialist cleaning service industry. Do you value your carpets and upholstery? Are your carpets truly getting professionally deep cleaned?

We can show a full price breakdown from labour, chemicals and running costs.

Qualifications & Certificates

We are very proud and happy to show you our insurance certificates and training portfolio on request.

We take great care to ensure that we are using only the most appropriate & effective methods of cleaning and using the right equipment for the type of floor covering or soft furnishing fabric that requires cleaning.

Unlike many other cleaning companies, we are not the cheapest but we are deep clean carpet cleaning specialists, cleaning up many years of living and traffic on your carpets and furniture. We do not limit ourselves to offering you just one technique of cleaning. Some fabrics are moisture sensitive and can’t just be extraction cleaned.

For delicate fabrics, after shrink and colour fast testing, we gently hand wash with a fabric conditioning shampoo foam, low moisture & fast drying time or a combination of hand applied foam & extraction to rinse and aid drying. Suitably tailored to the textile being cleaned.

We do not commence any cleaning without the recommended checks to know what textile we are attempting to clean & to use the correct chemical solutions. We check the carpet, rug or fabric is dye / colour fast, then we learn the correct recommended cleaning method to use for that particular textile, which in turn gives us the best results.

After cleaning, properly rinsing, neutralizing and removing any residues that might attract re-soiling thus prolonging the need for future cleans. If need be, drying with towelling or using a large air blower to help speed up the drying process in poorly ventilated areas..

With woollen carpet and natural fibre fabrics we return the textile back to its correct pH level removing and neutralizing any remaining alkaline cleaner to help preserve the life of your coverings. Wool is sensitive and also absorbent and can be damaged when left with extended contact in an alkaline environment.

Everything Crawling

PROCHEM do not manufacture pesticides. Should this be required it must be carried out by a pest control company prior to cleaning the carpets.

There is a non Prochem product being sold that I am investigating, being advertised as a child and pet safe pesticide (but harmful to aquatic life) I hold it in stock for sale but I will find out more information and if training is required before we use this product.