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We carry a wide variety of PROCHEM cleaning chemicals, chemical boosters, stain removers and pre spray solutions to use as every job is different, with a wide variety of aromas also deodorisers & sanitizers to suit almost every requirement or accident. Also Smoke de-odouriser and urine neutralisers.

There’s even a cleaning solution developed exclusively for the healthcare market but can leave a carpet feeling soft and fully deodorized and sanitized, smelling fresh and clean. This range of cleaning chemicals would suit schools, nursery rooms and playgroup carpets.

Stainguard Treatment

Applying a Stainguard treatment to a carpet can be costly. Prochem’s Fluoroseal = 5 ltrs @ £36 covers 30 m2 to 50 m2 and it needs to be applied evenly to a damp carpet. First, the fabric to be treated needs deep vacuuming.  Then a pre-spray with a rinse aid solution is needed to dampen then the treatment applied with brushing in working into the fibres. Finally, resetting the pile then allowing to dry. It’s not just a quick blow over, it’s a treatment application. It dries relatively quickly but needs 24 hours to set hard. Costs can be slightly reduced by treating a freshly cleaned carpet or only treating heavy traffic ways. Be aware that this treatment could cause slight colour or shade and even a texture change as every filament is coated with Teflon to repel stains.

Please note that polypropylene carpets do not require or benefit from any Stainguard treatments.