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Risk & Method Statement

Working to our very high standards. Our basic cost covers a minimum of 4 hours labour. This includes:

  • Walk through with customer to highlight any damage and any potential stains that might be locked in from previous cleaning to the textile prior to cleaning starting.
  • Textile fibre identification and level of contamination test / cleaning method required, also colour fast and shrinkage test to upholstery, rugs and patterned carpets.
  • A deep powered headed vacuum clean to upholstery or carpets and edgings including skirting boards and behind radiators also behind beds and cupboards where possible moving furniture that one man can safely move (additional labour can be supplied at an additional charge)
  • Applying stain and spot removing chemicals, Special edging cleaner to dark draft marks, sanitizers to accidents and deodorizers if required (see below for more information on Stain Removal)
  • Pre-spray of appropriate cleaning solutions and brushed into textiles. Clearing up any over sprays and cleaning skirting boards (for Upholstery cleaning, moving onto plastic sheeting to catch over sprays prior to cleaning)
  • The solutions left for the chemicals have time to work (dwell time) 10 to 15 mins.
    In this time, the extraction machine is assembled and filled up with appropriate rinsing solution.
  • Finally carpets extract rinsed to remove residues grit dirt and pre-sprays.
  • Reapply stain remover spot cleaners to any stains not lifted.
  • Furniture feet protected with foil or foam blocks being moved back onto damp carpet.
  • Air mover brought in should additional drying be required then carpets brushed and pile set.
  • Machines emptied and cleaned down then sanitized ready for the next task.
  • Final walk through with customer then carpets re-brushed and pile re-set.

Stain Removal (so there are no hidden charges)

Stain Removal is a separate service from “Having the Carpet Cleaned” and can be labour intensive to remove a stubborn locked in stain, also if previous attempts have been under taken to remove it. The carpet will be thoroughly deep cleaned but has the stain dyed the carpet?

Most stains, living marks and food spills will come out with pre-spotting solutions along with the extraction carpet clean, but is it just the carpet that you require deep cleaned or also that old long term stain that you require removing as we would need to allow extra time to work on the stain.

For general marks and living stains we use high quality pre-spotting and stain lifting solutions as part of our carpet cleaning technique and are included in our price and would be applied prior to cleaning the carpet as part of our cleaning service.

We will not be able to find that hidden stubborn stain until after we have deep cleaned your carpet. It could be permanent.